📣 ANNOUNCEMENT: djay v5.1.3 macOS/iOS/Android, v5.1.7887.0 Windows, and v1.0.6 visionOS [Changelog]

Hi everyone,

We wanted to share some new updates to our djay line with you all:

djay v5.1.3 macOS/iOS/Android, v5.1.7887.0 Windows, and v1.0.6 visionOS

  • Enhanced robustness of Apple Music integration
  • Added optional waveform minute markers in Automix view mode (Mac/iOS)
  • Fixed cue point trigger behavior with Reloop Buddy (Mac/iOS/Android/Windows)
  • Various bugfixes and improvements

Happy mixing!


When does the update become live in the app store, etc?

It depends on your region. I was able to update several hours ago.

I’m located in Canada

Great work getting all the releases on all platforms at once.


Thanks for the update. Apple Music seems to work now without stopping after analyzing a certain amount of songs. Unfortunately it’ seems that the process is much slower now, Djay used to analyze several songs at the same time, now it takes track by track


Thank you all for this update! It seems like the sorting/grouping behavior has changed for the better in this release. If I sort by bpm it seems to do a better job of grouping songs that have the same bpm and song title (e.g. Awesome Song, Awesome Song (Intro Clean), Awesome Song (Intro Dirty) are all grouped together).

It didn’t do this in previous releases for me. Did the playlist sorting or grouping change in this release? If so, thank you! If not I apologize for the noise.

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This is correct, unfortunately there are certain imposed limits as to how quickly we can analyze Apple Music playlists.

Does this mean, it will always stay like this?

Don’t update for iOS nor iPadOS (macOS not available yet, at least):!!!

You receive an error message:
“Request failed: gateway timed out (504)
Try Again”


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Can I now sync my hotcues between IOS and Windows using Apple music?

I noticed yesterday, the Android update happened very quickly. The MacOS/iOS update appeared this morning.

Still no mapping for FLX10?

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Love updates because they keep the app fresh. However, I would love to have the REV5 and FLX10 mapped already!