📣 ANNOUNCEMENT: Neural Mix Pro 2.0 for macOS

Hi all,

We’re thrilled to bring you Neural Mix Pro 2.0, a completely reengineered major update available for free to all our existing users. This update features our next generation, ultra-high-quality Neural Mix and is packed with exciting new features and countless improvements.

Top features include:
• Neural Mix 2.0: Experience all-new, ultra-high-quality music source separation (playback + export)
• Fluid Beatgrid: Enjoy our best-in-class beat and tempo detection that perfectly follows the beat and detects BPM changes on the fly
• Quantize Track: Export tracks with dynamic tempo fluctuations to a perfectly quantized target BPM
• Added Downbeat and Bar Numbers: Gain even more precision and structure of a song
• Player Target BPM: Set the target BPM via the BPM popover for greater precision and control over the current tempo
• Enhanced Settings: Customize Neural Mix playback and export quality, and snap loops to beats with improved options

Download Neural Mix Pro today on the Mac App Store. Happy mixing!


Does this support export to the .stem format that Traktor uses? It’s free to implement, as https://nuo-stems.com/ and RipX have done. I would love to be able to run my older tracks through this and get all the algoriddim fluid beatgrid goodness without having to manually warp them first.

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This is fantastic news! I loved v1 but feared it wasn’t being actively developed - glad I was wrong. Looking forward to using v2.


Oh, good question. I would also like to know this!

Especially, if the fluid beatgrid works on this.

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I’m still hesitant to fully commit to Neural Mix. I still mainly use Traktor Pro for DJing. But the longer I use it, the more I’m inclined to use djayPro as my first choice for DJing. The point about Neural Mix, which I specifically would like to know, is interesting for several reasons. In my opinion, djayPro has created a milestone in digital DJing with its fluid beat grids. So if it should now be possible to use this advantage for other applications too, that would be great! I’ll probably soon decide on a separate version for creating stems. At the moment I’m still wavering between NUO Stems and Neural Mix.

I was so happy to see this pop up in my updates! I’d figured they’d given up on it! Great update and sounds so much better! Please make this as a VST as well! Either way, thank you guys!!

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You’re welcome @Scott1

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Hi everyone,

Wanted to share a quick update from our engineering team.

The automatic straightening of warped tracks is already functional through the export options. At this time, this feature supports only the more commonly used audio output formats being AAC and WAV.

Additionally, .stem support is not available at this time.

You may want to look into 3rd party software(s) to convert exported stems into desired file formats but we do not have any specific documentation on that topic.



Thank you very much for the clarification. It’s good to know that it already works at least partially and that we can use the automatic warping.

I will then try to convert the generated stems using NI’s stem creator tool and let you know what happens. But I assume it will work.

Can I point you in the direction of this: GitHub - axeldelafosse/stemgen: 🎛 Stemgen is a Stem file generator. Convert any track into a Stem and have fun with Traktor.
If you can get to it, the download of the cli tool from NI is outdated and still looks for the old version of python if I remember correctly.

Hi Nathan, my optimistic query was more of a feature request really. Given the competition has implemented .stem export, I didn’t think it would be too much of a stretch for algoriddm’s supremely capable dev team. What you have created is a fantastic tool, but just needs one more piece to be a complete solution for Traktor users. The ni stem tool is just a python script that calls mp4box to package up the files. Can you at least say you’ll put it on the backlog? Thanks.

And then comes along Traktor Pro 4 out of nowhere! It looks like their flexible beat gridding isn’t quite up to the level of algoriddm’s so they still have work to do to catch up.

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Yeah, beat gridding in TP4 ist still far away from djay Pro, but at least it is now possible to have different grid markers. No Phase skipping if the tempo fluctuates and so on…

Btw: Thanks for the Stemgen link, I will give it a try anyway :v: