Annoying split screen menu button on iPad

Very annoying new thing added to the recent iOS update on iPad. The new three dots button (split screen menu) is preventing the yellow Algoriddim button to be used. I can find any way of removing the iOS button in the iPad settings.

Maybe the yellow Algoriddim button could be moved lower down on a future update?

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On the M1 12.9 Pro the distance is greater so it wouldn’t be a problem


On my iPad if you wait for a second or so the split screen menu fades into the background and this leaves the Djay button clear to be pressed. See below.

Does it not fade away on your iPad?

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Hi @Robin_Hollings,

Thanks for sharing your feedback about this. Unfortunately, as you’ve stated, there isn’t a way to turn off that 3-dot menu completely in the iOS system settings.

That said, I’ll pass along your feedback to our Development team for future consideration in terms of djay’s UI. We appreciate your bringing this to our attention!


@Robin_Hollings, just to add to our internal request, could you please tell me what model of iPad you’re using?

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No, the split screen menu doesn’t fade away on mine.

5th generation iPad, it sits in the slot on my Reloop Beatpad. iOS 15.5
Thanks for investigating.

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