Another INCREDIBLE update!!!

Another INCREDIBLE update was just released from DjayPro. Thanks again for the hard work! We certainly appreciate it.

@brizolan There’s a post in here for Ableton Link support. Only has 40 votes though. Need to get everyone to vote for it.

Which feature(s) specifically are you after for iOS? Many are possible if you import the .djayMidiMapping file to your iPad.

Isn’t the Mixxon supported natively for iOS?

What issues are you having?

Oh. My bad. And yes, you can import a . djayMidiMapping file without being jailbroken. I do it for my obscure controllers and mappings.
You do need to start with djay Pro on Mac (or windows?) to modify the mapping files. The free demo version works fine for this.
Make all the changes you would like to the default mapping. Then use “reveal in Finder” (or the windows equivalent?) to show the file and copy into the djay Pro app on your iPad via iTunes.

(djay Pro for Mac/windows will create the mapping file automatically when you plug in the Mixxon. It’s in the ~/Library folder somewhere on OS X. )

You don’t have access to a Mac anywhere? Friends? Family? Colleague? Just need 1 hour in front of djay Pro to do it all. Onces you’ve exported the . djayMidiMapping file you can copy it to your iPad from any iTunes.

I have to ask: how, if you don’t have Djay for Mac, do you know your issues have been fixed in the latest version?

This update looks great! I don’t have a mac though… any word on when some of these fixes trickle down to iPad?

Specifically I am after the midi mapping fixes for the Mixon 4… so this is attainable?
Guess I better get googling how to do that!

There is a whole slew of issues. Too many to start listing here (… ) but I don’t really want to hijack this thread… I was just wondering if anyone had any idea how long it usually takes before improvements from the Mac version trickle down to iOS. As for the mapping file, I’m not having any luck in my search for how to lay hands on it… but also even if I can get that file, I’m not sure how to get it in to the iPad. Are you quite certain this can be done on a non jailbroken iPad?

Well thx! That’s awesome… too bad I can’t do anything about it currently. I’m kind of In a catch 22 with that, the windows beta of djay pro requires the windows 10 anniversary update, and that unfortunately [because my laptop is so old (3 year old i7 lol)] gives me a generic display drivers which won’t allow me to select my native screen resolution and I get stuck with an intolerable screen full of dwarfs and stretched text.

I suppose when djay pro for windows is actually released, it won’t require the anniversary update anymore. That would allow me to do what you are saying, but hopefully the update I require makes it to iOS before then.

I do have quite a few friends with a mac, I’ll discuss dropping over and doing this with one of them perhaps… alternatively I could camp out in a mac store hehe, that could be fun!

The release notes for djay pro 1.4.3 say “Fixed Reloop Mixon 4 mapping issues”

I suppose this could mean something other than what I initially thought it meant.

Thx Lukas, appreciate the response!

Thank you guys, we really appreciate it!

haha, sorry about that! I was VERY hard on this company for their lack of interest in updates. Perhaps I was right.

I must give credit where credit is due. I have been EXTREMELY please and continue to voice that as well.

Thanks for agreeing with me DJ Stub… actually means a lot.

I find myself in the unusual position of agreeing with Mr MagicMoments! :wink:

Awesome job Algoriddm … really great update

Hey there,

thank you for your feedback, Ableton Link support is on our agenda.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Exactly, pushing a topic is the best way to climb up the feature integration ladder :slight_smile:

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey Roy,

sorry but I honestly don’t know when the next iOS update will come, but as you know there is one in the pipeline :slight_smile:

Cheers,Lukas E.