Another request to improve file management on MacOS

Hi all,
It’s really frustrating that Djay Pro 2 cannot easily find or correct the path to files moved to another folder in playlists.
Let me explain, I produce Sets for several radios and I always keep in DJay Pro 2 the playlists of the Sets already recorded. Sometimes I want to go back to these playlists to play them another time. But if unfortunately, I moved the files to another folder on my hard drive, which also happens from time to time, to tidy up my library, I’m confused because the tracks are grayed out in the playlist (see screenshot) and I have no way to find them easily, because I have to go back to my library to search for them one by one, put them in the que and replace the orphan files.
I am all the more frustrated that this problem does not exist on any other serious mixing software (Traktor, Rekorbox …) where changing the location of a file has no effect on the playlists.
Please take this remark seriously.
P.S. I’m using last version of Djay Pro 2 (2.2.9)

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