Any chance djay using ANY standard MIDI controller on iPad?

Any chance djay using ANY standard MIDI controller on iPad?…

Wow, no plans, really? I’m astounded to hear this. Given the momentum that is slowly but surely building for DJing with tablets, and the fact that the video shows competitors are clearly developing it, I would have sworn that you guys would be on to this, to stay relavent at the leading edge of iPad DJ software.
Very surprising indeed.

Then again, he could just be yanking our chain Nenad.

Absolutely understand that Warren. And I certainly wouldn’t expect you to.
I also realise what it must be like developing something and having an impatient community tapping you on the shoulder every 30 seconds saying “what the hell are you guys doing?”

Didn’t mean to come across as critical at all. From a value for money, I for one am damn happy with the list of features on djay for iPad.

Just excited about the possibilities of where it all might go, and wanting djay to be the app that leads the way.

We currently have no plans for this. I’ll change this into an “Idea”.

I hope you guys understand that even IF we had such plans, we would definitely not announce it beforehand.

When you purchase djay for iPad, you pay for the list of features that are already included in the app. Those who supported us long enough know that we take requests seriously and that we are constantly working on making the app even better.

So, when I changed this thread into an “Idea”, I meant that this will be regarded as a feature request. Other users can comment and upvote it, thus increasing the chance for this feature.

Change this to idea?

I’m no businessman, but I assume competition company’s product will be market #1 with option to use any MIDI controller.

What about 2x stereo output through bluetooth or wireless? Is this something you do not have plans for?

Is djay for iPad going to be a serious product or just a application for children?

My name is VJ Rei, I have been a VJ for probably 12 years now, I have worked at the Ultra Music Festival just to name one event. I have too work with Diageo (Smirnoff Ice, Samirnoff Black, Red Label), Sony Ericsson, Motorola and a huge list of corporate events, those have been my regular clients, and every single DJ in the world.

Any way, you application is very nice. But me as well, would need to have full external midi implementation to use it just fine.

I know the iPad is a great interface, but in a hardcore live event I can not look at the touchscreen, I hands have to fly over the controllers while I am looking at the show because there is where I get my energy. I have to see what the people are looking at at the screens, not on my iPad or video monitor. I have to feel what they are feeling and give them what they are expecting.

Having external midi controllers has an impact on the performance.

I could get 2 iPads with your application on each easy if I get that feature. That is what made Modul8 so popular, well, Modul8 was amazing for many reasons, but you could do what ever you wanted with it.

Best wishes a good luck. Great job.