Any chance for Akai AMX hardware compatability any time soon?

I would love to use the Akai AMX with Djay Pro. My Nexus 7 tablet is the same footprint and so it would fit in a nice compact gig bag. But hey, even iPad would be great too!

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Matt, I just published a full mapping for the AKAI AMX with all layers, LED feedback and everything behaving like on Serato, except some minor stuff.

See my dedicated post :…

Hope you’ll enjoy !

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Matt, try copying the midi mapping from your mac to djay on your iPad using iTunes file sharing. Then open djay on your iPad and connect the AMX using the apple camera connection kit. You may also need a USB powered hub between your iPad and the AMX. This method has worked well for me using other controllers! I’m going to try this as well with my AMX using the mapping from jayneural linked in this post. Hope that helps! Also patiently waiting for an obvious native mapping, cheers!

Update: Both work with iOS using powered USB hub and camera connection kit adapter! VU meters not yet working but they do work with another iOS DJ app, so I’m not sure why native map is not yet available for Djay!

Wego3 is your best friend…
And you can use it with vdj/serato/djay an i think traktor too.
Its a bit expensive, but comes with al licences… And its sturdy enough.

That’s cool. Are you using it with iOS, Android or Mac OS?

Well… that does me no good. I’m trying to make it possible to occasionally ditch my Mac for Android or iOS.

I am an avid Serato DVS user, but I want to have a tiny DJ rig I can travel with. I’m talking 3-5 pounds for the entire setup and about the size of 2 VHS tapes stacked together.

The entire purpose of me adding Djay to my arsenal would be to get away from MacOS to a tablet.

I recommend mapping your Akai AMX, too. Please note that this is only possible with djay Pro.
If you want to have a full description on how to do this, please follow:…

You could map this out yourself. I’m using the AMX with djay Pro at the moment. Works ok. Would be super with official hardware support. But it’s totally useable at the moment. (I haven’t figured out to how use the shift and touch button though)

Mac OS