Any chance we'll see support for the Numark 4trak controller?

I’ve got a Numark 4trak and would really like to use Djay Pro with it. Any chance of seeing a mapping or inherent support for that controller?

Another vote for 4trak support

please help us!!! I have a 4trak as well

I’m sorry, we generally don’t talk about future plans. We’ll keep you updated if this is about to happen.

I have the Numark 4trak too and I really would like to use this with Djay pro too. i got the controller to use it with Djay. will i have to use another app to use my Numark 4Trak?

also you have the Numark NS6 supported but the Numark 4Trak is not. they are the some thing but the 4trak has the FX 1. in the back of the controller. you could just make the 4trak work now but later make the FX1 back controller work with it later.

i really do not see why they do not make it work now. it’s the Same as the NS6 just with out the backing controller and that’s been out for a long time now.

Problem you all have is the 4trak is a bit old and outdated. Decent traktor controller though.

Bump. I want to see it tok.

Another vote for the 4Trak controller. This controller might be old, but works flawless with Traktor, Virtual Dj and Cross DJ. But I would really love to use it wit Deejay Pro because of the Spotify support.

At this point, I have mapped manually almost all controls to my needs, except for the jog wheels. I am not able to get them working properly. Support would be highly appreciated. Will buy the software right away if support is there.


I fixed it myself. Some buttons are customised to my own wishes. You can download my mapping here: