Any Circuit fans?

Got into a new mix! Pls let me know what you think? :slight_smile:

<3 love and music

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Do you want feedback on it? I would have a few remarks :sweat_smile:

Yes pls I am new prof. no experience :sweat_smile: feedback helps!

Alright, here goes: Nice job putting your mix out there :clap: Nice selection, I like the general vibe!

Critical feedback: I think the first transition happens around the 5:45 mark, right? For me, after this really nice intro, there’s too much time where basically nothing happens, until around 6:45, a whole minute. The drop that happens there could have lined up with the “end” of the other song at 5:45. Other than that, I think the energy level in general goes up and down a bit too much for me - I would rather have it represent an upward curve but maybe I also don’t know this style of music enough or have a different taste.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Hi Joe,

I wanted to thank you so much for saying that, it really helped. I recently redid the mix and I think it’s better. I tried to reduce the times where not much music or mixing is happening. I am reposting here, you are welcome to listen. Thanks again, I appreciate you so much!

xoTMM :partying_face:


Oh!… I also took into account what you said about the energy. I don’t think it’s uncommon in circuit music for the energy to be kept up, then fall at times, because it’s intended to be danced all night. If you keep the energy at :100: in this type of music, people will get tired and these parties tend to last hours and hours.

Awesome, I’m 100% with you, I can hear the improvement from the new mix :clap: it was really nice to listen to it and I got a cool vibe from it :star_struck: I hope you’ll get (or already had?) the opportunity to play in front of a crowd, the mix sounds like you’re more than ready for that. :grin:


This is really good, want to experience it with my machine :hugs: :metal:


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Thank you so much friends!

New music :heart: pls share yours!