Any experience with DJay Pro AI and MacBook Air (M1) on Reloop Body using USB-C-Hub ?

Dear Community!

As my good old MacBook broke i ordered a newer, MacBook Air 2020 (M1) and I’m expecting it the next days.

As I noticed, there are no USB-A Ports anymore on this one, only USB-C. So I also ordered an USB-C-Hub.

Are there any experiences with this Setup?

Also by using it with iPads (iPad 8th gen with Lightning, iPad Mini 6th gen with USB-C) by connecting them thru powered USB-C Hub for keep being charged and also to have some extra music on external Storage to connect.

… or just trial & error?

Don’t want to destroy something … :wink:

Thanx for reply!


Both MacBook and iPad work great with USB-C hubs and djay Pro AI. Just buy a decent brand like Anker or Baseus and make sure it has a USB-C PD / Charging port on it.

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I use the Reloop Buddy with my MacBook Air M1 and a USB-C to USB-B cable, which I bought on Amazon. My iPad Pro 11 gets connected through a USB-C Hub and a USB stick with 128 MB provides me with some extra storage for my music. Both setups work fine

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Thanx Andreas for Reply, I was thinking of that, but wanted to avoid another cable … have enogh cabled with me … if it works like Slak wrote i will be happy … otherwise i will buy an C2B cable … :wink:

greetings Andreas

Thx Slak for you reply, hope it will work like you said … otherwise i will buy a cable like Andreas recommended …

greeetings & thx Andreas

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Hi Slak,

another question:

when you connect iOS device by powered USB-C Hub with Reloop Buddy, do you have the switch on the Buddy as expected in iOS position?

Means both, Reloop Buddy and the iOS Device get the power from the USB-C Hub at the same time?

Thx Andreas

@Andreas_HOLY I connect it to the PC side with a USB-A to B cable from the Hub. You should be able to connect to the iOS side as well with a USB-A to A cable, but these are less common. Just make sure you set the switch to the appropriate side.

Normally I only use the iOS side when I’m connecting the Buddy direct to the iPad with a USB-A to C cable and powering the Buddy off the iPad. For example when playing poolside or somewhere where there’s no power.


Hi @slak_jaw,

thx for now … :wink:

Greetings from Greece


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