Any new light/compact gear that works with iPad (iOS 12) & DJay 2 fo pre-cue purpose

Hello to the forum administrators and to my fellow DJs out there,

Just posting this questions for updating purposes and perhaps upgrading if necessary.

Ever since iOS 8 was released, DJs like me were scrambling to replace our existing sound card with something that works with DJay 2 on iPad for pre-cue purpose.

Currently I am using the Zalman 5.1 channel w/ USB for small and compact for pre-cue purpose. It still works very well and I am not complaining about it.

Just like to ask from the administrators and my fellow DJs if in recent years you found any gears that are light/compact, works with iPad(iOS 12) and DJay 2 for pre-cue purpose.

Thank you very much!

DJ “Meister” Terence