Any news on the DVS front?

I have been looking on the forum and the request for the DVS on the software came a long way back, the threads are many and still not a glimp of some kinda official awnser or teaser…
So I’m asking to the official fonts, there anyway in time we users gonna get DVS support on our beloved software?

Yes DVS support please. Cant help but to wonder if its even in the works!

If you add DVS support, please make it an in-app purchase. Traktor and Serato charge more for DVS, so I think it should cost extra in Djay Pro.

About $70 sounds fair to me.

You and me and I think almost every one is waiting for that to the Djay pro be the main software…

See not a single reply to this

Honestly thats all i’m waiting for and I’ll never touch serato again lol