Any news on the Numark Mixtrack Pro Fx?

Hey everybody!

Just to open up, I’m a 62 year old DJ that started out on two 1200’s and a Clubman mixer.

I was really happy to hear that algoriddim had decided to provide native support to my new Numark Mixtrack Platinum Pro FX.

I tried out the Djay2 software on my Mac and found it alot easier to use and more precise then the Serato that I have been using.

As soon as it was available I downloaded it and tried it on the Mixtrack. I found a few glitches but the main problem was the headphone cueing. It does’nt work. One side on the mixer lights up the other one does not. I’ve tried everything.

I went to the extent of emailing videos to algoriddim so the they could see the cue problem.

i also thought on this last update the problem would be fixed, but no luck.

I’ve seen people get really upset on this forum because of bugs in the software and thought it was really impatient of them. I’ve owned several companies in my lifetime and realize it takes time to “work things out” occasionally.

BUT…now I understand. It is frustrating when you want to pay someone for a product and can’t because its not finished. It seems that ALL other functions seem to work on the Djay2 software with the Mixtrack Pro FX EXCEPT the headphone cue on both sides.

I’m just a home DJ, I can only imagine the frustration if I was doing this for a living like I use to.

I’m not a computer software programmer, but I cant understand how you can get all the other functions to work (which seem to be harder) and not the headphone cue.

Here, the company is coming out with new products such as the Neural Mix and we still have issues with software for existing and popular controllers. I know i’m old and a boomer, but I just don’t understand.

If I am unaware of a setting, or doing something wrong or need to make some adjustment to my computer, please tell me.

Otherwise, I guess I’ll keep my money on my debit card and continue waiting for a fix.

ernie fuentes

Hi Ernie,

What audio settings do you have in the preferences? The controllers should be set to internal mixer mode, with channels 1-2 for Master, and channels 3-4 for pre-cue.

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Thanks man!

I adjusted the audio settings as you mentioned and the cue works fine off the the controller and the computer.

I don’t get having pre cue on channel 3&4 but then again, I’m not a programmer.

For YOUR information, at least on my controller using MacOS High Sierra Mid 2012 the deck 1 cue button on the Numark does not light up when depressed. The corresponding cue symbol on the software does register but the deck 1 button does not light up.

Maybe something to think about on the next software upgrade.

Everything else so far seems to be on point. Sync is amazing, and BPM analysis seems to be on point

I didn’t see any “instructions” regarding these type of specific settings online, if there is one please let me know.

Again, thank you. I will be purchasing the software immediately.

I plan to start recording my classic disco & house mixes and posting them on YouTube.

If you need to contact me for any reason please email me or call me.

Ernesto “Ernie from Jersey” Fuentes
coolernie podcast

The reason routing works like that is due to the mixing being internal (ie MIDI controlling the software). So there’s no audio output before the master or cue. External mixer mode works by outputting each deck into a separate stereo channel, which then goes into a hardware mixer (or controller). Some more feature rich controllers do that, but most are internal audio…

Hi @erniefromjersey,

Are you still having this issue with the Numark controller?

If you’re running djay PRO 2, you can fix this yourself. On djay PRO AI, this should not happen.

If you are having the issue still: Could you please try disabling and reenabling MIDI Out for that button in the MIDI-learn settings? That should fix this problem with the pre-cue button.

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