Any news on Vjay Playlists?

Hi is there any news on an update to include playlists?

OR is it never going to happen?

If not can anyone suggest another good app for video playlists?

Most are rubbish and unreliable with no crossfade feature.


Hi Adam,

Thanks for posting. I changed your question into an idea (=request).

Thanks Warren.

Vjay is amazing beating all similar apps. I run a children’s Disco Gameshow company. Vjay is practically perfect.

Also love that my bluetooth remote works with vjay!

All I need now is a playlist / auto load feature as it appears many are requesting.

work around at the moment is to rename / renumber all vids so they can be quickly picked up.

Looking forward to future updates!

I’m sorry, there are no news on this topic. Furthermore we generally don’t talk about future plans. Hope you’ll understand…
Rest assured though, we will be looking into this!


Is it any news on this topic? If so, when do think it will be implemented in VJAY?


I use this app for pianobar session. I use a instrumental video with the lyrics on the screen. And it would be very useful to have the ITunes playlist video synchro to divide the songs. An other app similar is “Video dj” but it’s free, it’s not very stable and then it doesn’t work very well.