Any progress with skipping tool?

Well the Pro version has been out a while and I’m jealous of all you lucky people who can work your magic with four decks. I’m still unable to use it as there is still no skipping tool on the user interface. How do you play live without it? So great for when a track needs to back skip 32 beats because it is too early for it to finish. I can’t imagine how much work it must be pre-gig to set up accurate cue points without being able to skip backwards and forwards through the tracks. I like my old djay and I have been a loyal fan and user for many years but am thinking it’s time to move on from you guys and go pro with someone else.

While there are no user programmable buttons on the interface, any controller that you connect can be mapped to add the function you want. I use the exact thing you are looking for with the rotary knob on my DDJ-SX for the left and right decks. Each click, rotating the knob to the left jumps back 4 beats and to the right is forward 4 beats, perfectly quantized.