Anyone able to get NowPlaying to Ladiocast from djay Pro 2 ?

I would like to use a script like this I found for iTunes, I have no idea how to script, so I dont know how to use this with djay Pro 2. I tried to change “iTunes” to “djay Pro” but just got an error. Anyone able to do this or have another solution ?

set lastName to “”
set lastArtist to “”
set lastAlbum to “”
set currentState to “”

tell application “iTunes”
set currentState to player state
if currentState is paused then
tell application “LadioCast”
set metadata song to “Stream Paused”
end tell
delay 2
set trackName to name of current track
set trackArtist to artist of current track
set trackAlbum to album of current track

if trackName is not lastName or trackArtist is not lastArtist or trackAlbum is not lastAlbum then
set lastName to trackName
set lastArtist to trackArtist
set lastAlbum to trackAlbum

tell application “LadioCast”
set metadata song to trackArtist & " - " & trackName
end tell
end if
end if
delay 10
end repeat
end tell