Anyone clever enough to know how I midi map the jog wheel on iPad

I have an S3 and the jog wheels natively have 4 led’s around each wheel which light up the colour responding to whether I’m using it as deck A/C or B/D. I can’t find the midi map for such, I have tried the “scratch, jog” etc but nothing works.
Does anyone know how I can do this on iPad djay pro user.
Thanks for any help.

Thank you. Really appreciate it. I guess I’m just going to have to leave it and not hve it lit. It was just cosmetic, but the only thing I haven’t yet sorted.

WOW… Good luck with this one !! It seem as though the LED’s share the same midi cc as the play/pause buttons but the LED’s need to be set to midi cc out from the device mainly speaking from Traktor Pro 3 so I’m not sure you are going to have the same customisation to change the midi cc along with the custom values of each command of the LED functions ie. Colour, flashing, brightness, movement etc. their is different values set for each and may well be more specific to Traktor software and how it responds to its own controller.
That’s my understanding about this issue I hope it makes sense.
Their maybe another solution but either way it’s a bit of a mind bender