Anyone else had Bleed through issues with Griffin DJ Cable on ipad 2?

Hi. I’m positive I’ve got Djay setup correctly for split output, but I get terrible bleed through from my cue mix onto the main mix outs on my ipad 2 with my new Griffin DJ Cable.
I had been using one I got from ebay years ago which Algoriddim recommended. It has the combo jack connection like iphone headphone cables have and the bleed through on this is much lower…however it’s beginning to fall apart.
Anyone else had this?



Hi Al,

Please check the following:

  • connections are correct on the Griffin DJ Cable
  • Cue/Mix slider is set entirely to the left 

Hi Warren, Yep all settings are correct. As I mentioned my other splitter cable with the combo jack works much better. The cable that came with my Numark iDJlive and the Griffin one both bleed terrible… unusable.


I have exactly the same issue