Anyone have a recent, previous version of Djay Pro AI for MacOS ... 4.0.xx

Could someone share a recent, previous version 4.0.xx? Maybe you still have the zip file in your Downloads folder??

Two gigs last weekend, two crashes of Djay v 4.1. I have an important gig this coming Saturday and I’d like to downgrade to a previous version which was stable for me. I have opened a support ticket and posted in bug fixes. Sounds like they’re working on it but no ETA.


OK nevermind (maybe). I just checked the Mac app store and they uploaded 4.1.1 two hours ago. With no announcement (yet)!

you bring up a yet unacknowledged feature request: to be able to roll back to a known working version.

I’ve been in this boat before so I feel your pain. Unfortunately, rolling back to a previous version of the software has been requested many times in the past. Algoriddim has repeatedly said this is not possible so I do not expect this to change anytime soon.

I know this won’t help with your situation right now, but I’ve just written a post sharing the workflow I’ve been using for the last couple of years to I protect myself from major djay bugs. Hope it helps:

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Thanks for this. I guess just crossing fingers that 4.1.1 fixes whatever that particular issue was.

Thinking I might need to switch just for this weekend’s gig, I spent some time earlier in the week in Serato. Ugh … reminded me why I love Djay!


Hi Adam,

Sorry to hear about the crashes with the 4.1 update. As @Slak_Jaw has shared, it’s unfortunately not possible to roll back to a previous version of djay once your app has been updated on the App Store. That said, the 4.1.1 version should fix the problem you’ve reported. Please let us know if that’s not the case so our Team can further investigate. :pray:

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