Anyone here a video DJ and has a decent size library (4TB, 25k+ videos), working well? iPadOS

I am currently using Serato + Mix Emergency with zero issues for my normal video DJ setup.

I’d love the use an iPad to do basic video sets with djay pro AI for an ultra portable set up. However, any time I try to add my library to djay pro, once I get into the 1980s and 1990s I’ll go to select all the files (they are on a 4TB Crucial SSD, AFPS format that I use with my other Macs) it just closes the window where the files were selected and nothing happens. I’ve tried analyzing the files prior adding them to the library on the same ipad and that seems to work sometimes?

They are plugged into the ipad via a Dell thunderbolt dock so the ipad is getting power. Same dock works fine with my Macbook Air and the same SSD plugged in to it. I’ve tried a 2018 iPad Pro and a 2022 non-Pro iPad with same behavior.

So might be an issue with bigger libraries on iPadOS? I feel kinda dumb subbing for a year thinking it would work at this point since you can’t test it on the free version either. Or maybe it doesn’t like AFPS vs macOS Journaled or exFAT?


Hello… I do both video and audio… With 6tb collection… What i would recommend is to add playlists that dont exceed 1000 files… I am currently using the iphone and i have experienced the same problem… Loading huge collections is an issue… To make it worse if the collection exceeds 30k you might be in for slow loading time… I remember having issues with the program just starting… It would take 5 minutes to start… I had to delete the djaypro file and start all over… So the only way i got around this is to have small collections… Load each folder slowly… Its hard work :blush:… Lastly if you have renamed files or folders in the hard drive make sure you delete them in the program… They seem to still show up as deleted files and cause clutter…this also slows down everything…goodluck!

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You’re awesome! Thank you for the insight

I guess it’s not going to be the set up I had hoped for, BUT I am going to try a stripped down library with a theme and keep it under 1000 tracks and see if that works.

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