Anyone know if Pioneer fader caps will fit a Reloop Mixon 4?

Long shot, maybe, but this feels like the best place to ask. Anyone happen to know if they’ll fit? Just bought one and it’s missing a fader cap and I wanna make sure I’m getting ones that will fit.

@djkerem I’m not sure about the Pioneer ones, but I have a Reloop Ready and Mixtour and the DJ TechTools Chroma Caps fit on both.


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Don’t tell anyone, but these types of things have a bit of standardization to them. potentiometer stems are often the same diameter, fader tabs have a set of ways a cap can attach…
it’ll either work or it won’t is what I’m saying, and if it doesn’t, you bought the wrong type for your application

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Yeah, unfortunately, there is no industry standard for all potentiometers, encoders and faders. Each hardware manufacturer uses a different standard. Potentiometers also come in different orientations (180, 90, 0 and 270 degree).

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DJ TechTools has a large data base of compatible hardware in their Chroma Caps builder page. Unfortunately, they don’t have the Reloop Mixon 4 listed. I can confirm that the faders are the same on my Reloop Mixtour and Ready and the DJTT faders work great with both. I’d say chances are high that the Mixon 4 uses the same faders as the Mixtour and Ready. Either way, DJTT offers a risk free guarantee on their caps.

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There’s no standard, but the majority of budget DJ controllers use 180 degree / 6mm knobs. Those are the default sizes of Chromacap, CoolorCap and Reloop knobs. I’ve ordered a bunch of those and they pretty much fit all my budget Pioneer, Hercules, Reloop and Traktor gear.

It’s also a safe bet to contact the companies directly to make sure you’re getting the right size/fit for your specific controller.

Re: Pioneer Faders
Pioneer FADER caps use a P-Lock design, it comes apart in several pieces and locks very nicely to the Fader stem. Keep that in mind before you get violent trying to get the Pioneer fader off, it requires extra steps to remove/install (see video below).

For example, The Pioneer FLX4 uses P-Lock faders, but I was able to take them off and put on some Coolor Caps.

NOTES: I use a lot of Chroma Cap knobs and I like them, but I really like the look of the Coolor Cap and Reloop designs - they have a cleaner / smarter look - worth a try.

The Coolor Caps also have a wider variety of options and funky designs (the .40 caliber rotary knob is fun).

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No. Pioneer P Lock Fader Caps will not work.

DJTechTools makes very comfortable aftermarket fadercaps.

There are a few ebay sellers with knockoff pioneer fader caps, that do not have the p lock setup, if you want thin fader caps.

thx so much for all the tips. turns out coolercaps actually had a specific mixon 4 option. sounds like that wasn’t totally necessary as they’re standard, but was still nice peace of mind as i was ordering.


ps gotta say i’m generally loving life with the mixon 4! better than i expected.


Yeah. I like it a lot too.

Still, I expect the 8 Pro to do better when it comes to sound quality…

are there noticeable sound quality issues at loud volumes? haven’t gigged with the thing yet.

The sound is good enough in general. I own other DA converters that sound better though…

Considering the price it’s a great piece of gear. :slight_smile: