Anyone know what happened to djay remote?

So, I heard about the app called djay remote that lets you control djay as long as you have wifi connection. I would like to use it, but the only problem is that I can’t even find it. If I search the app store, it just doesn’t show up. If I go onto the website and click “download in app store”, it opens it up and then says “this app is not available in the U.S. app store”. Anyone know what’s going on? I’ve been searching this question, and I’ve not found a single person with the same issue. Thanks!

Any reason why this was discontinued? Are there possibilities of re-releasing with Djay Pro or adding this feature in djPro?

djay Remove is no longer available for sale. 

I recently updated my iPhone and not my djay remote no longer works, says it’s not supported by IOS 11.
Will there be an update soon?
This was a very useful tool to have.

We are no more developing or selling djay Remote at any App Store. In case you have already bought djay Remote before, you still can download it at the App Store > “Purchased” though.

will it be available for sale soon or will there be an alternative available?

Are there any answers for this one?

Unfortunately the djay Remote is no longer working with iOS 11.

Cheers,Lukas E.