Anyone know where to download some cool new samples and loops for Djay for Macbook Pro?

I’m looking to find some additional samples and loops. I know that the program comes with a few preinstalled ones, but I was wondering if there is a way to download some more. Especially dubstep/house samples and loops.

Hi George,

Generally speaking, you can easily add your own samples by copying the files to this folder: -/Music/djay/Samples

I’m sure there are a lot of resources online (even free). Just google for free samples or loops.

Your answer is for a pc. On the iPad, how do I add sample I made myself ?

Hi Michael Puthuff,

we are sorry to hear that. Can you tell us via witch channel you purchased djay Pro?
Thank you in advance.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Thank you for the follow up.
Can you contact us via for in detail help?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey guys,

you can find How-To’s and Tips and Tricks in the Help section.
There we made a post about How to add your own audio samples:…

Lukas E.

when i tried to add my own samples to the samples file it wouldn’t let me open the app, all it would do is say verifying and not open. any clue on how to make it work?

The Mac app store for sure

ya sure thing

You have to connect Your Ipad to your pc or macbook. Select the device go to applications folder on DJay 2 or Pro. And manual add the samples. All is done through Itunes app