Anyone know why reloop's website is down?

Trying to research the Beatpad 2. I was curious what the “data” button does. I was looking for a manual or something. However anything that points to returns an error. I hope they are not out of business or something.

OK, So data is not a button it is an indicator. Web Pages appear to be back today. I guess the only thing I wish different about the Beatpad 2 is if it had a powered XLR Mic input. they only give you 1/4" slot plug. I am tempted to buy but not sure I want to pull the trigger. You know as soon as I do make the purchase the Beatpad 3 will come out and have the XLR mic feature I want. :slight_smile:

Data just blinks when sliders, pads and knobs are pressed etc to indicate that the unit is operational. Reloop are 100% in business. If the web page is down, although I was on it a short while ago they may be doing some site maintenance.