Anyone listening?

Once again, no responses from the powers that be… We get progress and then nothing. No new beta’s, no responses… I really don’t understand this company at all.

DJ Stub… my point is they should BE HERE!

There are numerous issues. They show up for a month or two and then disappear.

We are going on TWO WEEKS and no responses from Adrian.

Sorry guys, not dealing with this again. I am finding new software.

This is a joke!

18 days… That’s a heck of a holiday. And the updates didn’t fix many of the problems.

Now 28 days!

Software may be dead… no activity, no new betas, no responses in the forum, no new posts on the facebook page.

This happens often. They just go away for months at a time.

There are certainly no updates coming soon, I can assure you of that.

It should NOT make you happy… It SHOULD make you mad that they are abandoning this software.

At this point, I am moving on.

Updates every 4-5 months won’t work for me.
Virtually no support on the forums is getting old.
My files run perfectly in VDJ but the waveforms end early and the beats don’t match the waveforms in Djay Pro… and, they can’t figure it out.

Things were SO promising and then they just stopped working on this software, so I will do the same… I will stop using it.

Maybe they are on holiday’s after working long hours on the recent updates.

“Have you contacted support DIRECTLY with your problem? They are actually VERY fast in their responses.”…

Completely agree with you

Hello Deejay Dave,

Thank you for your comments but I think you are missing the point.

This is not a discussion about which software is better than another. This is a discussion about a purchase we have all made that does not work as we expect.

I speak from a knowledge of European law, so I sorry if its different in your country (but I very much doubt it is different).

According the European Consumer Rights Act 2015 - When you purchase goods or services (including software) they must be

  • as described
  • of satisfactory quality
  • fit for purpose

If they are not then the purchaser is entitled to a refund or repair.

Everyone here loves this software and we want to see it successful so we are asking for repair rather than refund.

We are looking for rassurance (but not getting it) that the repair is being actioned.

Let’s be honest each and EVERY professional here should NOT be relying on this software as their primary anyways. If this is enough for you then you have bigger problems than algoriddim support (or lack of).

Don’t THREATEN to buy another DJ app. Just buy one. Why limit yourself. I have licenses for and use Serato, Traktor, Flow (by MIK), Ableton, Cross, Traktor DJ, DJ Player (iOS), Mixx, VDJ, Rekordbox DJ as well as Djay Pro. There are Pro’s and Con’s for all and I would love to see Djay Pro become a real contender.

Until they put more focus higher caliber
DJM mixers (full integration)
Pioneer CDJ players (full waveforms, tighter HID etc.)
Midi Clock features
Kontrol S8 screen features etc.

And less focus on little toy controllers this simply can NOT be a real professional solution. Offer OFFline cache access like Pulselocker does, have 1:1 platter control like TP2, RBDJ & SDJ does. Less focus on iTunes as that is a lazy person’s tool and get on board with Rekord Buddy. Stems support. I could go on…

How about having the layout emulate an actual pro modular layout with the play button located on the bottom left of BOTH becks and cue point layout top to bottom instead of left to right… I can go ALLLL day!!

Forget about supporting what we have already because not for nothing it does not take much to get this program to work flawlessly. I run it on four MacBook’s simultaneously (as I purchased via mac store so I can) and NOT one gives me issues BUT I ONLY use for Spotify library as like I said this is NOT by main software.

I hope to solve more ’ soon . For my part, the report error sending them forever.

I just hope that this long wait for an upgrade is worth it . I work we do not play . Despite myself for safety I spent another 99 euro to buy Traktor Pro 2. I’m not saying that will not cause problems but ’ at least not be ’ crash like me ’ and ’ success lately with Djay Pro . However I am waiting , hoping that make this software really stable and eliminate all these defects that we all have encountered . To me ’ personally Djay Pro really like but ’ at present do not feel like using it even at the professional level are they will make it very stable .

djmagicmoments What you say makes me happy. Hope for the best.

It would be a pity if that were true . The bases to be one of the first software for professional DJs them . In the meantime I use another .

Another crash and another report error sent . I was using it as a player instead of Itunes no controller attached . This is very worrying . Now I understand djmagicmoments.