Apostrophe not searchable while in My Library tab on iPad

While I have the My Library tab button selected, the search will not populate results when I type an apostrophe. When I have the Tidal library tab button selected, typing an apostrophe brings back the expected results ok. I do not use iTunes/Music. Here is a video demonstrating the issue:

I am using DJay Pro AI version 3.5.9 on an iPad Pro 11” 2018 256 GB iOS ver. 13.7
Please let me know if this can be fixed. Thanks!

Hi DJ Supe,

It’s great to see you active in the community! I’d like to thank you for taking the time to record this video.

Please note, apostrophes (), single quotes ('), and accents ( ` and ´ ) are all handled differently when you search for songs in the djay Library. You can get these characters on the iOS keyboard by tapping and holding the single quote key.
In the video, at minute 0:52, I noticed that the song you are looking for actually has a single quote instead of an apostrophe. Could you please check if the issue persists by typing in the right character?

We are aware this can cause some confusion and we are working on possible fixes for this. We kindly ask for your patience. Thanks for your understanding.


Thanks for that response. I am using a Magic Keyboard for the 2018 iPad 11” model. So holding the key on the screen does not work. I have tried different key combinations, switched from default to US hardware keyboard in the settings, tried both option keys, with and without shift, etc. As demonstrated in the video, you will see that the (`) key actually works located to the left of the (1) key found on most keyboards.

Let me know if this information helps.

DJ Supe

Hi there.
Not sure if you solved the problem but I solved mine by going into settings, keyboard and then turning off ‘Smart Punctuation’

With smart punctuation on the single quote produces ‘ (slanted and would not match songs)

With smart punctuation off the single quote produces ’ (straight and matched songs)

Everything worked fine until apple added the new feature. Luckily they left a way to turn it off.

If you solved it then hopefully this will help others.


@SteNight That actually did work btw. I am wondering now if that will compromise other activities. I have since switched to DJay Pro AI for Mac. Thanks for the workaround

I doubt it.
The issue would be if you had made any changes to the names of tracks since that setting was turned on, because you would have probably been adding a slanted apostrophe.

I didn’t find many that I had changed.

The way to check is just do a search for the slanted apostrophe and see how many tracks you get. If any, just edit in iTunes and change them back to straight ones. (If you can’t find a slanted apostrophe to type in, just temporally turn back on the “smart punctuation” and do the search)

Changing names would then decouple the BPM, beat grid, cue points and saved loops, right? At least that’s how I think djay keeps track of this stuff (plus a track‘s length, of course)

Yes absolutely correct.

In my experience with the “smart punctuation” feature that apple added. All the songs that I have imported/downloaded etc into ITunes Have had the straight apostrophe. It’s only when the feature was added and turned on and I decided to change a name and add an apostrophe (basically almost never), that it could then add the slanted apostrophe (it can’t for me anyway as I use windows ITunes to edit tags and it’s always a straight apostrophe).
So I’m assuming that djsupe won’t have many/any issues after turning “smart punctuation” off if he hasn’t made any such changes…

Great point about the name change though. There are plenty of people out there wondering why their cue points etc disappeared because they wanted to shorten the name or add an artist etc…
I found this out years ago when I started to add XXX to the end of the name after listening to a track and realising it was an explicit version. Took me a while to realise why all the djay info was vanishing :wink: