App crashing on iPad (unusable)

Hi there,

Been loving the app up until now. I have a 10.5 inch iPad Pro on iOS 15.4.1 and over the last couple of days the app has completely broken. It will load pass the logo only to crash back to the Home Screen once it loads up the decks. If I keep trying it will eventually crash my whole iPad all together, making it reboot. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but to no avail. The weird thing is I updated the firmware a while ago and it’s been fine up until around 2 days ago. I hope this gets fixed soon!



Hi Ollie,

Welcome to the Community Forums. Sorry to hear about the crashing you’ve experienced recently with djay on your iPad.

In order to get to the bottom of this, we need some further information to understand what exactly is causing the crash. For this reason, could you please send our Support Team a message from inside your djay app following these steps:

  1. Open the Settings
  2. Scroll down to the Support section and tap “Contact Support”
  3. Include Attn: Emily in your message and/or a reference to this Forum Topic

This will provide us with the information needed to take a closer look at any crashes your app has had. Thanks in advance!

I can’t send the team a message from inside the app because it crashes almost immediately after opening.

Got it, okay, sorry to hear that’s the case. Then could you please send us the Crash Report generated by your system when the app crashed?

There are two ways to do this: one directly from your iOS device and one using your computer. Please use one of the following methods to obtain the Crash Report:

On your iOS device

  1. Go to your device Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap on “Privacy”.
  3. Tap on “Analytics & Improvements”.
  4. Tap on “Analytics Data”.
  5. Find the crash report here by looking for a file (or files) named: "djay--.ips"
  6. Once found, tap on the crash report, then tap on the “share” icon in the upper right corner to either copy, save, or send the file directly to us. Please send it to our Support Team at

On your computer

Please follow the detailed instructions outlined on this Algoriddim Support page on our website:

How do I synchronize an iOS Crash log to my Mac or Windows computer?

Thank you in advance! :pray:

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