[App Update] djay iOS 3.2

Hi all,

Coinciding with today’s launch of iOS 13 on iPhone we published a major update to djay for iOS today (version 3.2) with the following changes:

  • NEW: Portrait Mode on iPad (Classic, Automix, 2 Deck, 4 Deck, Single Deck, Video)
  • NEW: EQ shortcut button in mixer section on iPad
  • NEW: “Files” media source on iOS 13: browse songs directly from iCloud Drive and external storage like USB sticks and hard drives (with USB adapter)
  • NEW: Visuals and sound packs
  • Added split audio/video crossfader in Video mode
  • Added haptic feedback as metronome when recording sampler sequence without playing track on iPhone
  • Improved Accessibility integration on iOS 13, e.g. using advanced haptic feedback
  • Optimized graphics engine using 100% Metal
  • Fixed orientation of videos not being respected in some cases
  • Fixed “Grid EQ” visual effect not working
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements
    Also we wrote the following FAQ to get you started with our new “Files” media source on iOS 13:

Lukas E.

Good work! I’m on my 6 month free trial & really trying to work out if I’m going to pay for the subscription. I love the features here & love regular updates. So today is already a nice surprise .

I’ve just had a play with new update and no but no improvement to the syncing. I know it’s improved alot, but it’s still too easy for the tracks to fall out of time when juggling cue points. You just have to bang on only one cue point a few times on a basic 4x4 beat & it will be out of time at one point or another.

Traktor DJ has always been solid with its sync - its just 100% solid. DJ player pro has really worked hard to improve. If I’m going to activate my subscription & change over from the other DJ apps I need the sync to be
‘perfect’ Thanks.

Hi Shaun,

our latest “Files” feature is based on iOS 13. Which iOS version and djay version are you using at the moment.

Lukas E.

Hi Shaun,

with iOS 12.4 you can still use the Open In feature explained in our deisgnated FAQ:


Hi Patrick,

We are sorry to hear that. Can you tell us exactly what is not working?

Which Automix source are you working with?

Luke , the Auto mixing is not working after the new update ?

Please tell me i don’t have to buy a new Ipad (again) to make use of this usb/cloud music feature?

As it will not be getting the ios13 update.

This is getting beyond a joke now, surely this can be sorted for older devices…

Ios 12.4 and latest version of djay 2 and djay pro.
I could do without having to buy a new ipad for this feature.

Ok. My problem is that it is difficult to store mp3 music onto ipad without the use of itunes on pc or mac which i no longer own. Can i use a wifi usb drive with IOS 12.4?