[App Update] Update for djay for iOS, Mac, Windows, Android

Hello community,

We are excited to announce updates for djay on all four platforms today. In addition to numerous performance and stability improvements under the hood, the updates contain enhanced MIDI integrations. Most notably, we’ve partnered with Pioneer DJ to introduce seamless djay integration for their new DDJ-200 wireless DJ controller.

Following are the change logs for each platform:

djay iOS 3.1.3:

  • Introducing support for the new Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 controller
  • Now cue points set for a song are also shown on the vinyl in Classic mode
  • Added support for exporting song history as CSV or Spotify playlist
  • Added support for selecting multiple files when importing songs from Files app
  • Improved tempo change behavior when syncing
  • Improved support for dynamic system font sizes
  • Fixed tracks sometimes missing BPM and key info when being added to playlists in “My Library”
  • Fixed possible audio pops when using pitch bend with key lock enabled
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

djay Pro Mac 2.0.12:

  • Introducing support for the new Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 controller
  • Added support for Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200 and 300, and DJControl Starlight
  • Added support for Numark Party Mix Pro
  • Improved seeking and CPU usage with tracks from Spotify
  • Fixed Numark Party Mix pad mode mappings
  • Various improvements

djay Pro Windows 1.0.27492.0:

  • Introducing support for the new Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 controller (supported via USB)
  • Added support for Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000, DDJ-400, DDJ-SR2, XDJ-RX2
  • Added support for Hercules DJControl Inpulse 200 and 300, and DJControl Starlight
  • Added support for Numark Party Mix Pro
  • Fixed possible issue where scrolling media library via MIDI controller would not stop
  • Fixed possible crash when playing WMA files
  • Fixed Reloop Mixon 4 and Mixtour master level meters and other LEDs not working
  • Fixed Numark Party Mix pad mode mappings
  • Bug fixes and improvements

djay Android 2.3.6:

  • Introducing support for the new Pioneer DJ DDJ-200 controller (supported via USB)
  • Fixed Reloop Mixon 4 and Mixtour master level meters not working
  • Bug fixes and improvements

We hope you enjoy using the new updates. Please keep the feedback coming as we have further updates planned across all platforms.

All the best and have fun mixing

Key display in 4 decks on iOS has been on our list and is definitely coming in an update. Please stay tuned.

Please note that as an existing user you can continue to re-download previous apps. The new and old apps work side-by-side. Here are the steps how to re-download an old version of djay onto your current or future iOS device (same applies for desktop).

Reinstall old versions on iOS:

As for the DDJ-200, please note that the free version of the new djay supports the controller out of the box if you’re interested in getting one (no subscription required). Your cue points and FX packs automatically synchronize to the new version and as mentioned you can use the old and new apps side by side.

Moreover, as an existing user you can currently get 6 months of the PRO package for FREE including all access to the content (loops, sounds, visuals) across all of your iOS devices. Hope this helps.

The djay iOS update with key display in 4 deck mode just went live on the App Store

Hello Max, The desktop versions were just updated and there are more updates planned. We have always released major upgrades to djay across all platforms from time to time. Generally, we can’t speak about future plans, as things can change, but when we do have any news, we’ll be sure to post it to the community. Hope this helps.

I can’t comment on future direction as nothing’s set in stone and things can change. I hope you understand.

The updates are available via the App Store. Depending on which platform you use djay on, go to your “updates” tab in the respective store.

I have been using this software since the start buying all versions for apple android windows both tablets and computer

My favorite is DJ Pro iOS
I am subscribed as well but still prefer DJ Pro mainly because to me it’s more fluid and I prefer a bigger view of the sound waves

Is there anyway you can incorporate this look into the subscription based apps


djay Pro iOS 1.0.22 on my iPhone does not support the new controller, and is no longer on the app store.

Does the article

  • djay Pro app is suppressed,
  • djay pro a the name of a USD 39.99 / year subscription of djay on iOS?

Should we expect the same in macOS

  • suppress djay Pro from app store,
  • call djay Pro a monthly/year subscription of djay in macOS?

Hello David,

Thank you: re-installing the pro app was not exactly my question, but I suppose you mean djay pro will not be updated in iOS.

I did not see an answer to my 2nd question: do you plan to stop djay pro on macOS as you did in iOS?

Hi David,

OK, so you keep djay Pro as a full stand alone app in macOS, good.

I avoid apps requesting a subscription:

  • I stopped MS-Office Mac to use iWork when Micro$oft asked for a subscription,
  • I moved from Photo$hop to Affinity Photo when Adobe asked for a subscription,
  • I will now stop djay Pro iOS since it is phased out,
  • and I wanted to know if djay Pro mac was going in the same direction.

I really am missing the possibility to see and edit which key a certain track is in on the 4 deck view!

wooohoooo!!! now i will check for updates again daily like a little girl… -.- hurrrrrryyyyy :smiley:

Yeehhaaaaa Thank You!!!

You guys are moving in the right direction!!! While i was critical towards the subscription model I am more and more liking it!


We are constantly working on all our applications.

Please stay tuned.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hello David I been sending email to support about this failed update you guys did and I yet got no response what so ever no I’m writing you to ask if there ever going to be a fix I want djay pro 2 the previous version before this update how can I get it App Store does not have it and your links only have demo versions now I been using djay for a few years now with out issues all the sudden this up screwed up my intire system
Hope to hear from you soon

Hey Lukas - thanks so much for being so on top of moderating these community topics. Quick question - is there a release notes page for Android? I’m looking to get the Hercules Inpulse 200 working on a Chromebook running Android app. (before purchasing a chromebook) By any chance is this combo on the roadmap?

I’d be grateful for any links/resources to android and chromebook use with controllers updates.

Thanks again for all you do,

Hi Lukas and thanks! It’s been a while since I’ve checked in on the community board and figured I’d follow up to see if there are any updates on this.

i have djay pro where do i find the updates

is it safe and bug free to get the update?