Apple Gift card to be used as payment method

Hi. I was given an Apple Gift Card. Can l use it as a payment method to buy a Djay year subscription? I’ve been trying to find information about this but I can’t seem to find it.
I appreciate any help on the subject.

Go to the App Store, click on your account image in the top right, click be of the account options is then ‘Redeem Gift Card or Code’.

Choose that and add your gift card to your account.

You can then use the card amount to buy apps / subs etc from the store.

The only issue would be if you select a recurring payment and your card credit runs out, you would then need to select a different payment option.


thank you for your reply but probably I didn’t explain myself right…
I redeemed my gift card already and I know I can use it to buy apps on the App Store, but the Djay subscription is paid within the app itself, not at the store and I wanted to be sure that when I do it using Apple Pay, it will use my App Store credit - where I redeemed my gift card - instead of my Mastercard credit.
I hope I made myself clearer now.
thank you anyway.

Got it!! :grin:

The Apple help page says it’s doable.

My guess (don’t have any credit on my account to check) would be that at the point where you click to purchase, and before you double click to confirm, you tap the payment area and select which payment option to use.

Have a go and see if that works.

At the end of the day, you have to double click to confirm with Face ID or Touch ID, so you can’t ‘accidentally’ buy something without physically confirming it first anyway.

I’m sure I remember changing the payment method on the first screen prior to confirmation in the past.

Anyway, you can’t buy it unless you confirm, so just avoid doing that bit until you know you have the correct payment method selected.



Thanks a lot for your help! (long due, I apologise, ongoing festivities got in the way :sweat_smile:).

Your suggestion made total sense and it would be the way to go, but I ended up calling Apple help line and they confirmed I wouldn’t be able to make the subscription I wanted if it wasn’t paid through the App Store.

With the Gift Cards you can only make purchases of Apple products on the Apple Store (or an Apple physical store) or on the App Store, like I feared.

Fortunately though, I was able to get the money back when I explained the situation. Great customer service :+1:

Thanks again for responding! :slightly_smiling_face:

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