Apple Music and own files uploaded to Cloud Music Library - Expected Behaviour?

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  • Device model: iPad Pro (5th Generation)
  • Version of operating system: iPad OS 17.1
  • Version of djay: 5.1.3
  • Hardware/controllers used: None

Your question:

I am after some clarification on the parameters of using local files in the app which have been uploaded to Apple Music cloud library as per the title. I have my Apple Music account linked in the app, and am aware of the limitations in the app for the use of streaming service tracks - including using Neural Mix on them. That’s fine.

I had uploaded local files via Apple Music (on Mac, if it matters?) and - just like in the old iTunes Match days - it tried to match to the Apple Music catalogue, and couldn’t match, so uploaded the files as is to my Apple Music cloud library. Upon loading these files into DJPAI (both downloaded to my iPad and before I did this), I was unable to perform Neural Mix on them, and confirmed this by the error message pop-up stating this not possible as they are Apple streaming tracks.

However, they aren’t technically - they are my files unmatched to Apple service tracks, so uploaded to my cloud library. Is it expected behaviour in DJPAI that the app thinks they are Apple Music tracks because they’re from my Apple Music cloud library (and essentially treating them as Apple’s tracks)?

I realise of course that I can import these files from my own iCloud storage (as opposed to Apple Music cloud library storage which is part of that subscription) if I upload them there, and they would be treated as local/linked files and so could do Neural Mix on them as usual. However, I would need to have enough paid iCloud storage separate from my Music subscription. So, not doing it this way would be cheaper :wink:

Anyhow, apologies for the long winded post, just looking to see if this was expected behaviour via linking my Apple Music service or not.

Thanks :pray:

Hi @groovekitchen,

Try accessing these downloaded songs via the Local Music source instead of the Apple Music source.

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Fantastic! That worked - have my golden star! :grin: :pray:

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Thanks @groovekitchen. Happy to help.

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