Apple Music API published : does that make Apple Music integration on Djay possible ?

Apple has just published its Apple Music API :…

There’s a mode that allows the developer to use their own player to play the tracks from Apple Music instead of just controlling the iOS Music player.

Do you confirm that this will allow you to integrate Apple Music on Djay, just like we have for Spotify ?

What about offline playback ?

Thank you in advance.

*Bump. Is this finally going to happen?

What’s going on with iOS 12? Is your app finally going to work with Apple Music?

Lukas, thanks for the feedback, let me be more specific, I was relating this part of the API documentation of the MPMusicPlayerController object :

_"Use an MPMusicPlayerController object, or music player, to play media items from the device Music library. There are two types of music player:

The application music player plays music locally within your app. It is not aware of the Music app’s now-playing item, nor does it affect the Music app’s state.

The system music player employs the built-in Music app on your behalf. On instantiation, it takes on the current Music app state, such as the identification of the now-playing item. If a user switches away from your app while music is playing, that music continues to play. The Music app then has your music player’s most recently-set repeat mode, shuffle mode, playback state, and now-playing item."_

Wouldn’t the second type of music player mentioned above at least allow playback of AppleMusic content within Djay ?

Though it might not allow altering the pitch and stuff like that, it would be better than nothing for AppleMusic users !

Hi Harley, can you please name one of the apps that can do it ?

Hi, Anders, thanks for the feedback, what about Pulselocker ? As mainly Serato user when on laptop, I don’t see myself paying PL for laptop and Spotify for iOS. Any technical/business reasons not implementing it ? Thx

Well we have two winners so far then : Serato and Rekordbox!

If another couple of dj software added it, that would make all of us winners :slight_smile:

If Apple’s MusicKit does the deal, I think it’s going to be a huge change for all DJs. Means it’s now official we can all mix through streaming services and offline. We’ll only need a standard for DJ meta-tags then :wink:

If we have Apple Music integration and ability to edit add-to playlist like it looks like described in MusicKit API, then we won’t even need iTunes at all, we’ll just access Apple Music and its local cache directly I guess.

My answer on your other occurrence of this comment here :…

Looks like we have the official answer here :…

What are the limitations of the current Apple Music API?

o This is iOS only, no tvOS or desktop support.
o There is no support currently for DJ style apps.
o Apps cannot delete playlists.
o The Apple Music API is not intended to replace licensed music, per Apple terms and conditions.

At least they seem to know that there is a need as they say “currently”.

I hope they take time to work closely with developers on this, this is key for their success among the Djing community. For now, I’m sticking with Spotify.

What more does Apple need to do to make Apple Music tracks compatible with Djay 2? Are you actively pursuing this with Apple?

To all you employees in here: Is there finally a clue that musickit in macOS Mojave will open up to “DJ Style Apps”? Did you talk to apple developers when you were at WWDC18?

Bull Shit! RTFM! Other Apps can do it!

i. e.:

You are correct that the new APIs allow basic playback of songs from Apple Music (which is what the other apps mentioned do), however they don’t allow mixing two tracks, looping, applying effects etc., so unfortunately they don’t help us.

Name a dj app that can do it.

Any updates

Why can the DJ Software MegaSeg add Apple Music and you say it is not possible?……

Thanks for your Answer!

This is assuming Apple Music or iTunes are standard solutions utilized by professional dj’s which is far from the truth. Especially dj’s using serato who have learned from years of experience to stay far away from iTunes. I will only use it for its exclusive iTunes content and for the initial device handshake when using serato remote. Regarding music that is as far as it goes for me. If I am being honest even being a strict Apple user (iPad, iPhones, multiple MacBooks etc) I still will not use iTunes for music. I use Spotify, deezer, pulselocker for streaming and rekordbox iOS for local file management on iOS devices. No iTunes needed to transfer music to devices with rekordbox .