Apple Music: Cannot change playlists

When using Apple Music, I don’t seem to be able to add any tracks to playlists, or change the order? Is this expected behavior or a bug?

Hi @feierlaune,

Editing playlists needs to be done within the Apple Music App not within djay Pro. However, I recommend that you create playlists within the My Collection source of djay Pro and add your Apple Music songs there. My Collection supports playlists with songs from multiple streaming service sources and from your Local Music.

Ah, I see — but the catch with “My collection” is that it doesn’t sync across devices, right? Thanks for the information though!

You’re welcome @feierlaune. Yes, that is correct. My Collection playlists do not currently auto sync across devices.

Will editing Apple Music playlists within djay pro be an added feature with future updates?

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