Apple Music Family Sharing / Log-In on iPad

Hello! I am having issues to log-in Apple Music on my son’s iPad. Even with all Family Sharing restrictions turned off, it is not possible to log-in with his Apple Music family license. After logging-in with Touch ID it gets back to the Apple Music splash page offering 2 months of free Apple Music. Can anyone help? Btw: Pro subscription sharing within family works well. Thanks!

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i am having the exact same issue. what i’ve tried to do to diagnose is disabled screen time, this did not help. i tried setting the browser to default to chrome. still no good. i also disabled vpn and safari content blocking. same issue.

this issue seems to impact accounts that are using family sharing apple music. which is a bummer. I’m not going to get a whole extras apple music account or other paid music subscription just for this.

any workarounds?

Thanks for your reply!

I just tried with the iPhone of my wife. It’s working well with her AM Family license.

I am the administrator of the Family Sharing with Apple One Premium subscription. So no difference between my son and my wife here…

But the difference is that logging in AM with my wife’s account on her iPhone triggered the 6-digit Apple ID verification code.

My son doesn’t get the verification code page. As you said, I have deactivated all Screentime restrictions. So it must be anything else. He has an iPad and a Watch including SIM card / telephone number, but no iPhone.

So it’s either this or the platform (iPad). We weren’t only able to try on our iPhone but not on a different iPad.

Sorry to hear you’re unable to log into Apple Music in djay. Can you please try the following and let us know the results?


Thanks for picking up the topic!

So yes, I can log in with my son’s account using a browser. I do see his content being able to play the music.

I do not see a banner to subscribe.

But… If I take a look into settings as requested and go to the lower end I see:

Apple Music
Abonnieren (in red letters - German word for subscribe)

I do not know if that’s correct. I mean, his Family subscription is working on all his devices including HomePod mini.

If I can do anything more, please let me know. Happy to help!


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so i am using my kids iphone. when i type in in safari
it automatically opens up the music app. i cannot bypass this.

so i downloaded chrome and tried the same thing, i get a prompt to open external app allow or deny. allow opens the music app. deny clears browser address bar and does nothing.

so in effect the instructions don’t allow me to sign in and see the sub type.

however, on my macbook i can confirm my kid has a valid account under our family plan. i wonder if it has something to do with screentime and others unable to use collaborative playlists in ios 17.3 because apple did not update screentime settings as they added new feature.

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I can confirm that my son is also not able to accept or use any invitation / URL / QR code inviting him to a collaborative playlist in Apple Music created by myself.

He always receives an error message that the URL / link has been expired.

I have contacted Apple Support. They don’t know anything about that… They have checked the Apple ID of my son saying that everything is fine on their end.

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Thanks for the additional info, we’re looking into this.

I’m having the same problem.

Same issue for me. My son has Apple Music through family sharing. On his iPad he cannot login - exact same issue as the original poster here.

Pleas help.

I’m a 12 years old boy who is trying to connect but cannot access my account because my parents have it locked. But I know my mom payed for the Apple family plan, which includes Apple Music so my account is valid. Now what?

@Anders What is the status of this - has the bug been registered, is it on the backlog to be fixed? Any timelines of when this will be fixed? My sons (I have two, both who use want to use Djay) are pretty frustrated they can’t play music from their own AM playlists

@Str3tch We have communicated the issue to Apple, as it is on their end to fix it. Unfortunately we do not have further insight into the status of the issue.

We have also been trying to reproduce the issue on our end, however so far unsuccessfully. One thing that might help to track this down further is if everyone here could share the age of their kids account, as we think that might be related to the issue. Thanks for your help!

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Thanks for the response. My kids are 4.5 and 8. Same issue on both their ipads

Same here. 8 yrs old.

Since the Apple ID is registered as a below 13 account Apple will cancel the request. Unfortunately there is no way to fix this. The only way to make it work is change the Apple ID age to above 13 via Apple Support. Apple Support can not sign in for your child. It does the same thing with the “Sign In With Apple” button on other 3rd party apps.

Thanks for your patience everyone, we now got an update from Apple about this.

Apple IDs under certain age limits are restricted in various ways including using services in 3rd party apps, which means they unfortunately can not be used for accessing Apple Music in djay.

The age limit differs per country as documented here:

In order to use Apple Music in djay please log in with the Apple ID of a family organizer or guardian.

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Thanks for the update.

This is kind of weird. Because this is exactly what Apple does not want you to do. Giving your child potential access to your personal data by using your parent account…

I know this is not on your side. But if Apple was reading this thread: Please implement parent approval for using Apple ID in 3rd party apps like for downloads in the App Store!

Maybe it’s also legal related. If not, this is crossing the idea and Apple‘s approach of Family Sharing.

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