Apple Music Integration - Error 403

So Apple Music integration; happy about that!

But obviously, the integration has some smoothing out that’s needed.

There are songs in Apple Music that will load, but then there are some others that are giving me “error 403” upon loading the track, stating that it’s “unavailable.”

Could use some info on this one; having some tracks in Apple Music, or playlists I set up there, play, but not others, is a little disorienting.

By the way, this is for my iPad/iOS; had not tried on the desktop version.


Hi @Velanche_Stewart,

My suspicion is that these unavailable tracks might be songs that you purchased via iTunes/Music (local library), but are not actually properly downloaded onto your device. You can check this by opening the Apple Music App on your device, searching for this song and checking to see if there is a cloud icon next to the song in the library view.

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