Apple Music Integration - error (500)

Hi Slak

Here are my details

  1. macOS version: Sonoma 14.3.1
  2. djay Pro version: 5.1.2


Claudio Coteriano

Hey there, I am getting exactly the same problem on my Ipad…

  1. IpadOS Version: 17.3.1
  2. DJay pro Version: 5.1.2
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Hello Slak_Jaw,

Still not resolved for me!

On MacBook Air M1 8Go
OSX version : Sonoma 14.2
Language : French
Djay Pro : Version 5.1.2
(without the Pro Licence)

On iPhone 13
iOS 17.3.1
Djay Pro : Version 5.1.2
Language : French
(without the Pro Licence)

Thanks for sharing more details everyone. I have forwarded this all to the engineering team for further investigation.

Hello Slak_Jaw,
Everything seems working back to normal today, both on my MacBook Air and on iPhone !
thanks for the help!
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

That’s great news. Thanks for the update @mirkrofu

Hi Slak

just letting you know everything is working, tried on Mac, Ipad and Iphone.

thanks for your help and with communication with the tecnical team to solve this issue.


You’re welcome @Alexdj. Thanks for letting me know.

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Hello again everyone. We just released djay 5.1.3 which enhances the robustness of the Apple Music integration. Please update, test and let me know if this issue has been resolved. Thanks!

Hi everyone, going straight to the point:
iPad 10, OS 17.4.1, Djay 5.1.4 linked to a mixtour controller.
Of the 17 playlists i have , there is one that has more than 6000 songs and is the only one that gives error 500. After clicking on “Try Again” it does a refresh and it happens again as soon as I return to that playlist. This past Saturday, in the middle of a gig, Djay crashed and I had to restart the app and it was really bad…
All songs of these 17 playlist were prior analysed.

Is it because there is a playlist with so many songs, since the other 16 have an average of 200-300 songs?

Any help is appreciated, thanks

Hi @Marcio_Reis, thanks for sharing these details. Based on user comments in this thread, I think it would be best if you split that 6000 song playlist into several smaller ones and see if that solves the issue.

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