Apple Music Integration - error (500)

When I try to open apple music playlist tab this error appear:
Request failed: internal server error (500)
Any suggestion?

Same error on Mac intel and silicon M3

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This happens to me when the internet signal is low.

I have the same problem. When the integration started it worked well in the beginning, but since a week I get this message and none of my playlists show. This has nothing to do with internet signal being low. It must be an apple server issue, but so far apple support could not help me

Hello @Roberto_Kneipp, @DJ_Reinaldo_Hits, and @mpopp,

Sorry for the late reply! Somehow I missed this one last week. Can you please confirm if you’re still getting this error message? Thanks!

Yes, still getting it. Unfortunately.

Yes, still happen tested now on Mac intel, silicon M3 and iPhone.
Maybe smart playlists are the problem?

Hi there,
getting exactly the same problem both on Mac M1 and iPhone since the latest update to 5.1.1 on the app store 4 days ago, was working fine before on 5.1 !
hope that helps !

Thanks for the follow up @mpopp, @mirkrofu and @Roberto_Kneipp. I have reported this to the engineering team for further review and to see if they can replicate the issue. I’ll report back when I have news.

Hi there, im getting the same message, after subscribing to apple music tried to connect in the Djay pro and “request failed internal server error 500” , but i can see the “listen now” and “charts” tab. any suggestions ?
thank you

The engineering team is looking into this further. No suggestions at this time, but I’ll report back as soon as I have news. Thanks!

also getting the same 500 error - latest Version, macBook pro M1 32GB and Fibre Cable Internet

Getting this too, was fine yesterday and now all playlists giving the 500 error.

ok thanks you Slak_Jaw!

You’re welcome @mirkrofu

Hello @DJ_Reinaldo_Hits, @mirkrofu, @Roberto_Kneipp, @Esrald, @Monschmeister, @Alexdj,

We were informed by Apple that the intermittent error 500 has been resolved on the server side. Can you please test and confirm that your issue has been resolved? Thanks!

Oh, yeah! Now it’s work!
Many Thanks :+1:t3:

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Excellent! You’re welcome. Thanks for the follow up.

Still not working for me - will keep trying.

not for me either, still the same error (500)

Thanks for the follow up @Esrald and @Alexdj. Can you both please remind me of your:

  1. macOS version:
  2. djay Pro version: