Apple Music Local Files Playlists not Loadable on Decks

Hello everyone. New to the forum, hoping to get some clarity on something.
With the new Apple Music integration now, in many instructional vids, it shows that if you download the songs in Apple Music, you can still use them in DJay, even without a Wi-Fi connection. Furthermore, once you download the songs, it should populate into the Local Files tab in DJay which should allow you to use the Neural Mix feature.

The issue I am having is that my downloaded songs are in the Local Files tab, in their respective playlists, but they are “grayed out” and I am unable to load them onto either deck to play.

Does anyone have any idea why?
Appreciate any clarity any one can provide or a work around or hack.


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  1. Please confirm that you are downloading songs that were previously purchased via iTunes/Music and not downloading songs from Apple Music Streaming. There is a big difference between the two.
  2. Please share some screenshots of the greyed out songs.
  3. Are these same songs playable within the Music app outside of djay with WiFi OFF?

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