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  • Device model: Mac Mini M1, 16GB
  • Version of operating system: MacOS Sonoma 14.4.1
  • Version of djay: n/a
  • Hardware/controllers used: n/a
  • Apple Music v

Apple Music question…

Do you guys know why the meta doesn’t get imported to Apple Music? Especially the comment(s) section.

What I tried…
I removed every song. Then just added this one particular song for testing purposes. I added to both the comment and Comments section. I then delete and reimported and I still can’t get it to appear on Apple Music (Local).

So I can sync the smart playlist to my Djay app etc.

Any advice is much appreciated!!

Hey @PoyTB ,
Do you mean meta data from Djay to Apple Music (iTunes)?

If you update any information outside Music, you need to play the song or update any OTHER tag, then your changed info will show.

Hey @djjoejoe ,
Think I remember, play it within music to update, right?

this is just the initial metadata before it even gets to the Djay app.

I figured out the issues and how to solve it.
Some audio tagging app tag the “comment” field with a different language. In my case, it is marked as ‘xxx’

After a lot of testing and figuring it out. The comment has to be “eng” for Apple Music to read
Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 1.13.58 PM

And then yes, you can go to Apple Music and click on the song to play which then it pulls the readable comment section up.

During the test, I wiped the whole songs out and reimported them so the data was pulled from the get-go.

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