Apple Music no scrolling block?

I’m using iPad Pro 5 gen and the latest Djay 5.0.4

I just started using Apple Music (itune one, no streaming as all my music is downloaded/local) and noticed that when I scroll to go to the song start with “h” as example, I would have to keep scrolling rather using the scrolling block that appear like in the Djay Music one.

I hope this is not confusing…

I unfortunately don’t really understand. What do you mean with “h”? What would you like to achieve? And do you have screenshots? Hope we can clear this up for you :slight_smile:

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There’s no way to “jump” down a list of tracks, artists, albums etc., you have to scroll all the way down.

Otherwise best ways are:

  • Filter the Track List
  • Search Playlist
  • Sort Tracks by Columns

Screenshot from macOS, but the Filter works the same in iOS.
Screenshot 2024-01-26 at 1.38.23 AM

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Sorry, i agree there…

Here is what i meant, 2 screenshots

This is Apple Music - “Music” selection,. You can see alphabet on the far right in pink after the BPM/Key.

Here’s another one under Apple but a different playlist, smart playlist to be exact:

The alphabet is gone. I will need to do it manually eg if i want to scroll to a song that starting with H say… hotel califonia, i would have to keep scrolling til i get there.

So I’m wondering if Djay team can implement something like the bar here:

The song Incensio 2.0 - on the far right there is a scroll block/bar thing.
it is not available in Apple Music under other playlists. So i thought this might be a bug?

Sounds and looks like a bug or at least like inconsistent behavior.

Let’s talk about your screenshots separately:

  1. The first one shows the behavior as it should be everywhere
  2. The second screenshot doesn’t show a scrollbar at all - so the scroll bar (the grey one, not the alphabet one) doesn’t even appear when you start scrolling? Then that’s a bug. Not getting an alphabet scroller there might also be a bug
  3. The third screenshot also doesn’t show an alphabet bar even though it would be nice to have one there, too, granted that it’s sorted (looks like it’s sorted by Artist)

Nothing we as users can do right now except for the tip from Michael

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Able to replicate the issue of the app not responding… In the live set :sweat_smile:

So the app just not responding at all. Til the song ends as seen in the 4 videos posted here.

Upgraded from 5.0.3 (original post) to 5.0.4
iPad Pro 12.9 5th gen latest IOS
Controller: Hercules ControlMix

As this is a separate issue, would you mind creating a new thread for it?

Ah of course.

Sorry I thought I had 2 problems listed in the original post. Will create it now.

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