Apple Music Stems Not Working FOR MUSIC I OWN

I used Apple Music before the integration that just happened, and I used to buy music there, so I could only use music I owned and could use neural mix without problem. Now with the integration I can’t use it neural mix across all platforms for MUSIC I OWN! This is not good at all! Now I can’t use steams for my own music. This has to be a bug!

The correct word is stems, not steams.

Where do you have the music that you bought from Apple? If you’re accessing it via the Apple Music icon in DJay then obviously when that’s selected, the software disables stems.

If you move your purchased music so that you can access it via the file folder, do stems work then?

If I access them from my files I can use it. Nevertheless, before I could access the music and use stems from the Apple Music app. Now I can’t.

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The logo for “Apple Music” looks similar to the previous logo for “Music”. There is now a new logo and it is now also called “Local Music”. Access via the Files app should not be necessary. And Neural Mix should also work as usual.

Thank you! I just found that out.

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