Apple Music Streaming and Local Music confusion 🥸

This is happening after transferring playlist from Tidal to Apple Music my own playlists on iPad in one place is active but transferring playlists is not and vice versa.

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Hi @Digital_Jedi,

  1. Please refer to the linked FAQ article regarding the differences between Apple Music Streaming and Local Music (iTunes/Music).
  2. The white circle with the single red musical note is your Local Music library. This shows shows your iTunes/Music library tracks that are downloaded onto your iPad. In your case these are grayed out because they have not been properly downloaded onto your device.
  3. The red square with the double white musical note is your Apple Music Streaming source.

Hello! It’s been nearly 10 days since my last reply. I’m going to consider this topic completed for now so I can focus on others. However, please feel free to respond and we can definitely revisit this. Thanks!

Hi, sorry I haven’t time for replay is not complete. See for what I’m talking about :

This is very frustrating I see my local music playlist in Apple Music but there not active.

Thanks for the screenshots @Digital_Jedi. This is helpful.

  1. Based on the screenshots you’ve provided, it looks like these songs have not been properly downloaded onto your iPad internal drive.
  2. How did you originally transfer this music to your iPad (iTunes/Music App sync from a computer to your iPad, purchase directly from iTunes store on iPad, or added via the Music App on your iPad)?
  3. Can you please open the Music App on your iPad and navigate to this same playlist and share a screenshot? Thanks!

So I mean it showing my local playlists in Apple Music but is not active and this is frustrating. I’m not sync my music via iTunes because making mess with my local playlists. I upload it via 3th part app on my comp.

That 3rd party app is likely the issue. What app are you using?

Hi, (3u tools) is the name of program but I don’t think so is that. Rather, as I mentioned at the beginning, it is confusing to see the local playlists in the apple music tab, it does not make sense.

It is expected behavior for Apple Music to show both Apple Music Streaming playlists and Local Music playlists (even if these are not properly downloaded). I thought your issue was that your Local Music playlist songs are not playable? Like I said earlier, this is most likely due to the music not being properly downloaded onto your device’s internal drive.

My local music is on the IPad. As you see from screenshots.

Now I’m more confused. According to the original screenshots you shared, the songs in the Beatport List playlist were grayed out in your Local Music playlist, but were playable within the Apple Music source with the same playlist.

Local Music Source:

Apple Music Source:

Yes Beatport list is part of my playlists in Apple Music. When I sync my music everything going to mess. As you see, that’s way am not sync to have a separate clean view of my tabs when I work.