Apple Music (streaming) coming to DJay Pro according to Digital DJ Tips

Phil once again seems to be a little early here with his announcement, but the cat is out of the bag.


Probably a planned leak. Would of been taken down by now if not

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It’s out now. No neuraj mix though.

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I have it installed already on iOS and Mac OS. Check for updates.

works well… my whole library in the pocket. great. no neural mix we know already from tidal… does anyone know the streaming quality? can see this in the settings…

Nothing here since Jan 22 (Windows).

it killed the way I used to play my music :sob:

I manually synced Al my music to my iPad, and could play it via playlist. This option is gone now due too Apple Music.

Who knows a workaround?

I first felt really happy by the Apple News, but now I don’t know how to play my synced music anymore.

No stems on my whole collection, that’s same with tidal.

Please help!

Does it let you to record a set? Thx in advance

hi Vedder… when you go to sources… you can choose apple music, Djay Music, tidal and so on… you can choose as well now local music… this is the option for downloaded music on you device… for me everything looks ok… could find my music and playlists…

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CleanShot 2024-02-02 at 09.03.50@2x

Thank you!


No, of course it will not allow you to record from any of the streaming services.

I’d like to know quality as well, and if Tidal is being sunset

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