Apple Music Streaming integration

Hi Djay.
You have a lot streaming service implemented.
I would love to have Apple Music in DJAY. I know its also on Apple Side to make that possible, but you have a good relationship with Apple, give this a push.

Another thing is Apple Music ICloud libary streaming.
I have a big iTunes libary. All inside the Cloud. If i want to play a Track in DJAY. At first i need to download this track insideapple music. Would be great if i could stream my iCloud libary already in DJAY….




As Spotify has canceled their streaming with djay apple might do the same unless djay and apple do some deal giving djay customers a discount for a month or something

Hi @Alexanderexpander,

Thanks for your post!

Due to Spotify’s decision to no longer be playable through any 3rd party DJ app, this service can no longer be accessed through djay. Unfortunately, this is beyond our control, and it impacts other developers with Spotify integrations as well.

This is also the same case with Apple and their Apple Music subscription service.

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Add new apple music subscription to dj with remix

You may find that tis would be up to Apple and not Algoriddim, Much like the Spotify scenario, and if there was a streaming platform I wished we could have, Spotify would be way up there on my list… I cancelled their Premium subscription because they no longer supported Djay.

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@Cooljackdj I’ve moved your post about integration of the Apple Music streaming service over to this already existing thread on the same topic.

Just to clarify, unfortunately, there’s no way for 3rd-party DJ-style apps to play songs from Apple Music’s streaming service as these songs are DRM-protected. That said, you can access your Music collection (e.g., synced via iTunes/Music) directly in djay, including all your music, playlists, and folders, along with any smart playlists you’ve created.

djay also offers several streaming service options that provide millions of songs and/or videos for you to play and mix in djay, including TIDAL, SoundCloud, Beatport and Beatsource LINK. Hope one or more of those options might work for you to get creative mixing with djay!