Apple music vs Local music

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iphone12 17.4.1
djay 5.1.6

HI, what’s the difference between Local music and Apple music in Djay pro iphone ?
When i go to my Apple music app on the iphone, the songs in apple music is the same songs from Local Music in the Djay pro app. So why do we need Apple music in Djay pro if the songs in Local Music is pulling songs from the Apple music on my phone?

Also when inside iphone Djay pro app i go to settings > My djay Account , is this account different from the account i have on my computer? When i enter the same email and password in Djay iphone that i use for my Algoriddim account on my computer, it says wrong password.


Hi there, your downloaded music in Apple Music won’t allow neural mix features but in local music you can use neural mix features. All streaming. Music in Apple Music you can’t yet use neural mix but downloaded music files that are in Local Music you can. It’s a work around at the moment until Apple cloose hopefully to allow neural mix stem separation like Tidal just have. Not sure about your log in as I can use same email and password to log into djay pro on all my devices.

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Hi @Donn,

  1. As Dysfunk_DJ pointed out (thanks by the way!), you cannot use Neural Mix within the Apple Music Streaming source.
  2. Also, even if you have downloaded songs within the Apple Music Streaming App, these will not be available offline within the djay app. You need to purchase these songs and properly download them (typically via iTunes/Music Sync) to play them offline within the Local Music source.
  3. Your My djay Account login can be used across platforms. Please note, this is different from your Apple Music Account and Apple ID account.
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Hi Slak_Jaw,
I don’t have an Apple Music subscription. I was curious where the Local Music location is bc I noticed I have songs there but i never imported them. I was trying to find where they’re located and happened to look in my Apple Music app and the same songs where located there. Maybe somehow they got synced there from my computer w Djay but not sure how since i don’t have an Apple Music sub.
Do you have any ideas how they got there?

(Just to confirm, Local Music was recently added as a workaround to Apple Music not working with Neuro mix? I didn’t see Local Music in the manual)

The strange thing with the My djay Account log in (in Djay settings) on my iphone still isn’t letting me log in. I tested the same password on my computer and works okay but not my iphone. Not sure if I actually need to log in from my phone anyways bc my Apple account already unlocked Djay, but just in case I need to log in from the Djay app for whatever reason I’d like to be able to log in.


Hey Dysfunk_DJ, Thanks for the break down!

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Hi @Donn, if you don’t have an Apple Music Streaming subscription, I would simply remove from the library sources to eliminate any confusion. Local Music is nothing new. I believe only the name was changed.

Hi Slak_Jaw, my confusion is where is the Local Music location? The
reason I ask is I plan to have all my music in one location, preferably in
the Files folder(haven’t imported any songs yet). I noticed I had songs in
Local Music that I never imported to my iphone and was curious how they got
there. I’m guessing they’re from my previous Itunes purchases since they’re
in the Apple music app, so I just wanted to ask if Local Music folder is
actually the same as Apple Music folder? For example if I wanted to add or
delete music from the Local Music, where would I import or delete it on
the iphone? If I wanted to import songs to the Files folder, I simply go to
the Files folder but if I wanted to import to Local Music where is the
Local Music on the iphone?


@Donn local music is typically from your iTunes/Music syncing with a laptop. In my experience, this is still a better way to manage your local music library than the Files App.