Apple star ratings on iOS iPad

So I’m using Djay pro on Ipad 9th generation and looking to put some star ratings from my apple/itunes into Djay playlists but as I have learned from searching the forum that this is not an option available .
Is there an explanation as to why there is an offering and obvious dedicated option to do this in the app but it is not fullfilled or am I just missing something really obvious?
How or what do I have to do to utilise the star rating funtion in the djay playlist filter search that is there on my Ipad?
My main purpose is to try to apply some energy levels to my tracks, surely another must for this brilliant software!
If it is serving no purpose would it be better to replace it with something we can use like assigning energy levels?

Hi @daniel_curley, this, unfortunately, is one of those things that is restricted by iOS and beyond our control.

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Ok thank you.
So please do confirm for me.
I should just ignore the Star rating and comments filter options completely because they will not work with any streaming service provider or local files or anything else.
Is that right?

You’re welcome @daniel_curley. Yes, that is basically right.

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Hi @Slak_Jaw. I came here with the same question, so thanks for the clarification about Apple Music tracks. Can you confirm if we can apply ratings and view these for the content in our ‘my collection’, local music and files views? Thanks :pray:

You’re welcome @groovekitchen. The star rating column is not visible in the djay library on iOS.

Thanks for clarifying @Slak_Jaw

I guess as a workaround I could create star ratings smart playlists in Apple Music and import those, which would take care of both Apple Music streaming files and my own files, so everything in the Apple Music library

It would be useful for me to see the ratings of tracks in my library to help plan sets/lists

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You’re welcome @groovekitchen

Hi @daniel_curley

You may well have already considered this (if so, apologies), but just in case not: do your music files have the energy levels stored in the comments tag of the files? So for example I have key and energy level derived from Mixed In Key exported into the comments section of the music file ID3 tags.

Using iTunes or Apple Music will allow you to create smart playlists based for example on criteria of ‘comments contain Energy 5’ and so on for all the different energy levels. You can then create a whole bunch of these and import them into DJ Pro. It’s clunkier than you would like, but might be a workaround you could use.

Nice one.
Problem is I find Apple music on my iPad quite restrictive and also choose not to sync info with my Mac as it always adds or loses tracks somewhere.
I’ll definitely have a play with this suggestion though as it’s something I do need.
Thanks for the tip.

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just my 2 cents:
i understand with iOS limitations, the star-rating column is just not available, but it is available on macos and windows.
the star-rating itself is stored in the mp3s.
to me it seems a simple solution to make star-ratings available in iOS:
scan all mp3s on macos or windows. and store them in algoriddim’s djay musiclabrary/database.
i’ve seen that djay’s music database can be synced between iOS and macos.

i would like a free pro-subscription for bringing up this idea please :cowboy_hat_face:

All the information discussed will not transfer from Apple Music but CAN be transfered from the Djay library on a mac.
I have previously tried the copying the Djay music library, uploading to icloud, paste into IOS device trick but with no succes.
It now works a treat since changing allegiance from Tidal to Apple.

Just fill out ratings, grouping and comments as desired in Djay library on mac,

copy djay library file,

transfer and replace on IOS.

With all this information transfered and a few smart playlists created the filter feature on IOS is actually quite good.

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