Apple Star Ratings & Track Source Album Info

Is it possible for a future update to get my apple star ratings transferred over to my playlist; so that is easy for me to see the songs that i have marked as hits in my playlist. Basically; include the star ratings from iTunes into Djay. Makes it easier for DJ’s like myself to seamlessly jump to our hot track immediately.

Also; i would like to have it where; when i select a track from a playlist; that is from an Album; have the Album info included in a line below the track; or to the right or somewhere on the top of the screen. Just have the Album info included; so i can refer back to that artist album; if there is another hot track from that album.
I’m sure i am not the only person that probably requested these two big additions to Djay 2021/2022…

Hi @Pink_Panta,

Thanks for posting your question in our Community.

Are you using the iTunes library section on djay? Or are you using the djay Library section?

Regardless of the library section, you should be able to activate an see the “Rating” column in the library. Just right-click on one of the headers to activate as seen below:

Please note it’s not possible to add ratings to songs from within djay, you should use iTunes (AKA Music) to rate your tracks.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Question: the screen shot shown; is that from a Macbook vs an IPad? My question regarding seeing the Star Ratings is in relation to seeing them on the IPad Pro whilst using DJay Pro…