Apple Vision Pro version of djay featured in Apple Developer Portal

Was fun to read this short story about the design process behind djay’s imminent Apple Vision Pro version: Realizing their vision: How djay designed for visionOS - Discover - Apple Developer

Makes me wonder how it will be different from the versions we already know. The light shows sound like fun, for sure!


I assume you would miss the tactile feel of djing. Would rather see they implement something that works on top of an existing dj set or controller, so you can just dj in your bedroom or whatever and look at a crowd or something.

Just saw this…hard to say how the public will embrace this new tech?
They’ve clearly streamlined it so you can just focus on choosing songs and staying present in the immersive environment. Will this be the future Minority Report style tech we’ve all been waiting for? :sweat_smile:

Laidback Luke using DJay Pro with the Apple Vision headset:


Laidback Luke’s behind the scenes video with Apple Vision Pro is also well worth a watch: