Apple Watch and IPAD in a Hardware Controller

Ok, got my apple watch sport edition. Got it synced up with my Iphone5. I was able to load the DJ app onto my Apple watch. Seems to be working. Now how do I switch to my IPAD 4th Gen running the latest operating system. I want to use the watch to control my Ipad in a hardware controller. Can anyone even verify that this watch will work with the Ipad or are you only able to control the IPhone this way? Any help is appreciated.



Would love to see a follow up to this question ! Are usually don’t DJ with my iPhone :slight_smile: is this even technically possible? Or is the Apple Watch only able to control a device that it’s paired with? Might it also work with Bluetooth to control the iPad?

Hi Andrew Aitken,

the issue here is that the Apple Watch can only be connected to iPhones, not iPads :frowning:

Lukas E.