Apple Watch app? Are you guys kidding?!

You guys are wild for this Apple Watch app! I’m just seeing this.

So you are telling me I can walk away from the decks and turn on/off effects (on different decks by swiping left and right), engage loops (and even change the lengths), see the tracks playing AND crossfade?! All with my Apple Watch controlling djay on my iphone?!

This is crazy.

Thank you!

Only way to make this better would be to incorporate the gyro features linked to effects. You know, so when i put my hand in the air, it tweaks a filter or siren. Ha!


Apple Watch only works though if you’re using djay on an iPhone.

The watch app has no way of connecting to iPads or Macs unfortunately.

So in reality, many of us can’t use it at all.


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Hi @eldrizno,

Thanks for the kind words and feedback!

We’ll pass it along to our dev team for further consideration.

Additionally, I will be moving your post to our #suggestions category for better community management.

Have a nice day!

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Yes exactly. Most people haven’t bound their Apple Watches to an iPad which means this feature is effectively a gimmick, and I’d rather see time spent fixing existing bugs in djay than building gimmicks.

I feel you on the gimmicky, and there are other things more important.

I was just a little excited to see the app on my watch and be able to actually control so much.

There’s actually a few apps that use the sensors in apple watch/airpods/iphone to transmit midi (check out MusicKraken if interested) that could create something like raising your hand and activating an effect. It’s just a matter of time before DJ’s are up on stage with an Apple Vision Pro twisting air knobs. We’ll probably see it on social media by next Monday and it’s only been out for a few days. :roll_eyes:

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